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THEO K ill ID with ill spits
Sick Kaufmann half man and half woman
O so human but O so Holy

Oops I meant Ollie
Hold me while Im sobbing
Beauty of my life creates tears
cause the robbing of soul didn't happen to me
for some reason
so I'm breathing slow
hoping to channel whole self
and well
I think I'm kind of close
I've been told
for the most part most hearts
are looking for love
and so I'm tryna share it
got thug niggas lookin embarrased
cause they softies too
and Ima soften you
I'm a flossy dude
what my conscious do?
It go dumb and
stupid chillin
whoops feelin
whoopie doop
and ladi dadi daa

THEO K ill ID with ill spits
Sick Kaufmann half man and half woman
O so human but O so Holy

Word he wanna rock a talk
a little thought provoke
wrote folks feelings
broke tokes kneeling with the Gypsy's
peeling back the mysytery of the missing cans
plans: pass ban substance hand shakes from the van
and man
I'm feeling kind of white again
school class cool kid passing with the longboard
on the board writing French in chalk
in my journal writing lyrics in French
tension in the lips like
boy they wanna smooch em bad
couple so rad got Marley in the lungs and
"one good thing about music when it hits you you feel no pain"
no shame in my life style wild cause miles in the pilot
smile as we riot
NoFace on horizion
to keep the soul risin man

Evolution of Dreams

Everyones the broken kid
hoping for a toke and shit
and a clique to roam the globe with
homeless smoke and forty fifths
fifty fourtys take a piss in
pigss mouth lesss spoken tongue
nope im broke and yes im young
though i look like forty two
actually like based god
noddin for the peace i said
bobbin heads and rock a fleece
jacket left up at my show
in the corner by the dro
tiny bit she breathes like me
lahvily is scene like me
come and see the scene with the me
the seen i mean
the past tense of the being breathing
leaving now
and out of town
they houndin find him bring him down
and teething me
babys sucking on some nipples
still he be that pimple type
hershey chocolates get him
tickle dimple might
be up in a pickle
triclke down the streamin
cry from rooftops
beamin gleaming
feel so dreamy

Zion Q and Ollie room
golly zoomin faster than the
broomin master
wizard tune
soon to be the shatter of the
music made from sleeping room
thank you mr thu rai raj
more peaceful than hot tea with shrooms
be like john
and chase the train
and like monk
and homie Dav is
this life or dreams or some of both
halfs equals more than hopes
we workin hard
yeah my dreams are born boulevards
and actualized on streets of Linden
im most certain that somethings
descendin when im writin
spicin music so enlightened
dont abuse it
crews a bunch funky muses
cruisin down the avenueses
snoozin on em they are
acussin all them is
what they call this way far
doubt youll find a sicker
pound dappin as we smokin em
rappin and he jokin em
not a broad but man I got that deep throat
and hope
you're readin all these lyrics i wrote
and elope with the sounds of TH E O K ID
doin NoFace shit

Galax Shwanka

He rock a hoodie with a silver finger nail
feel the feel its so real
knockin woodie into peelin backs lips like
this might
be some sex shit on a tip like
ya fuckin with the fucking best
im dunking deep to fucking chest
and sucking breasts
im master with the sly flow
eyes low
fly guys get weird chicks
all the fuckin bi pos
all the fuckin lipos
be suckin at my tight throat
kid got real nice man
feelin like a micheo
angelo and jordan and jackson and johnson too
im fasting from the food
blasting smacking sticky and a fruity snacking
meet my crew
got NoFaces to
give ourselves to really find
what can music do

making out bobbin heads on our walls
i seent a stanky a leg
i seen some girlys crawl
hear the crowd screaming out
for our name
and I B O K

we feelin rather shwank
suavy with our cool vibes
and the beats is hellla dank
my language is spectacular
im speaking a few venaculars
so eerrryyyyboodd could hear dis niig
Im a fucking aphrodite
im bangin beats til endless pleasure
meausre me to God though
Im thinkin no im never better
hope the flow is wrote
only broke
in its placement of letters
basements and sweaters
im faced with a case of the betters
im sicker and slicker
i mean licked her then flicked her
and i know watchu thinkin
wish you had picture
teach ya how to reach a
heart of purer soul we reaching
and creeping and leaking
trails of blue and yellow and the green and
never feindin
found the peace(piece)
now light it seemin
God he thinkin different levels
morals thinkin he the devil
where treble(trouble) though
we dont feel
it just BASED music
Face it dude
we funky man
whdontyougo and clap your hands
join the fans
they having fun
errybodies just dancin some
girly chewin got no gum
maybe its a cum on
come on
bringing something saucier than spaceship
BLQ MJK really wants to rock the nation

making out bobbin heads on our walls
i seent a stanky a leg
i seen some girlys crawl
hear the crowd screaming out
for our name
and I B O K

Bloom Like

tellin merry little stories whisperin
slip her in
tellin Mary little stories
as I exhale
flippin bitches
flippin bitches off
in my raps
finger lickin good
teriyaki sauce
it's a wrap
I'm the best and
West end
chilling staring ceilings till best friend
ringing door bell
I take a breath and
going out to play mom
don't know what to say mom
you know I'm gonna smoke weed
but hopefully
say in song and sin in the washbin
my flow bendin backwards
sat curbs
staring at the black turf
the concrete
hot streets
football and then hockey
Oakland and then sucky
shitty little suburbs
shitting in the summer in the suburbs bushes
kush is
alot better out here
and cheaper too
week or two
blew through fleet of few
backwood Philly fat ass blunts
got a hunch
Ollie Kaufmann is West Coast Clutch

Of tunes make em Bloom Like
Shrooms under moonlight
smooth with a cool write(right)
come fight
said whose gonna fight
Known for breaking ground
sound making under ground
clowns shakin up down
they see
Bay be
half a mention
Based God and Swag out the Ovaries
that Bay type play type tag swining over me
he ain't got no bars
just ghost riding cars
no scars that are deep like
New York type beats like
boom bap
but who dat?
Bay Kid who do dat
rhymin like move that out the way
I aint bringin back shit
I'm in my rocketship singing
walkin as I'm leanin
talkin and I'm thinkin
how I get my legion
all I got are lesions on the brain
I'm a sick mother fucker
with a twister mind be
stick stiffs from the upper
stick stiffs in another brother
poppin holes in rubbers
makin babies no relation
and they hatin cause I'm rapin
but I'm clever with my shit Bitch

Of tunes make em Bloom Like
Shrooms under moonlight
smooth with a cool write(right)
come fight
said whose gonna fight

Who the fuck handed me the mic
Jova son older one
and I see him in the sun
apparently I'm his son
turning water into
sippin from the bottle as I waddle round hoddie on
shot ya
story so familiar doesn't shock
chose to be a rapper not a doctor
cause they shootin point blank these days
so I'm retaliating point blank
for you pull the trigger fuckin think
Im that trippy little riddle kid
sippin on the clouds instead of riddilin
gigglin and fiddilin around with sounds
I'm a music maker first
herse reverse parks behind the first verse
slay em
sweet curse sayin
fuck you on a park bench
heart lynched
years ago
here's to folks forgotten
pray em
bow your head and say em
Ollie Kaufmann. Cross em. Kill em.
On the cross and kill em
I will resurrect the feeling
Of tunes make em Bloom Like
Shrooms under moonlight
smooth with a cool write(right)
come fight
said whose gonna fight

Of tunes make em Bloom Like
Shrooms under moonlight
smooth with a cool write(right)
come fight
said whose gonna fight

Sloppy Joe Lasagna

sloppy joe lasagna and
a genre where the mama love em
too much interrupted by a phone call
screw up
phone calls
screw up
everything sometimes
so rhymin passin time and blunts
and wine and hunts in packs
and claims his mind
im sly and slick and sin
and write
you think im tight
i know i am but
clench him might
tighter fists than
live or fight
die and try
kind of guy
waiting for the misses my oh my
she misses my O my he kisses
. . .
not not not
knock knock knock
hear the radio they talk
bout the party got the stalk
bigger even jack can't climb
figure eat this plant of mine
nigger eat this thats a rhyme
ouch that hurt my little ears
ouch now get him little tears
your mean and teammates gotta stop
mommy took to chopping block
block block block block
block block block block
block block block block


the kid by on the lightnin tip
I mean he light his spliff
like every single day
and mane
he feelin like he hella crazy tho
don't even
gotta try and be a better with the flow
he just go
mediocre rap
its aiite though
he gettin hella money like he runnin trap house
which he is though
and you don't see it though
but we in it doe
and we his hittin those
yo and we a hidden doors
three entendre
I'm feelin like a mutha fuckin monsta
mess with me you bout to get munched on
yous a little snacker
im a fuckin big backer
and I'm comin with my team called the packers
and we are from the green bay
where everyday
we smoke the green
by the bay
and I'm feelin mighty fine tonight
like I'm high...

jusque-là (NoFace)

God damned a man
Planed a fam to fuck up
Woman and man made peace
Is of a pieces of love
was Received by the young ones
ton of fun and shy
running by sayin hi to the flowers
dandelion powder on my checks
From the wishes for the wizard
magic in my mind
Bent time in second grade
Held my hand then black and faded out
saturated colors comin from the mouth
mother talkin dirty south
we are about
3 years old and sixteen
Six teens accused of dishin on the team
Different things is what I tell em
Different being is what I'm yellin as
Inhalin grass and fuckin class
Im Fuckin mad and
Fuckin sad
Fuck it man

Then he broke the mind tho
Divine shines in sign
Channeled through the high

I'm at good place
A rock a hoodie could he be the next
she Catch me flexing kissin peckin
Birdy kitty
Kid again
He really witty
Willie um
found my Juliet
Le rêve est vrai
Rien de plus
Rentre a dieu
Parle du mot
Sa mots
Some more
Regarder arc en ciel et embrasser ma femme
Ma vie est la vie d'un

I wonder how they'll censor this
Coded so well got them thinkin that it's nonsense
Till heads bobbin conscious
Launches discourse and conversion
and expression of their souls
Till they stop havin faces


he got
bout four five things in him
he stang like them fang bites
bang venom
the sick beats got swang and a hang in them
and his gang
said they all kangs get em
cuttin up the coke
got a pretty little coat
and pretty a little throat
singing words instead notes
how come i gotta fight tho
gods clumsy man fuckin up with typos
wrote me a story of a clear mind
and nice goals
nice sounding
man kids got nice flow
but meanwhile mixing art with chasin gold
its the oldest story ever told
so im feelin fold the
cards while I still got my dignitiy
mutha fuckers go far for
four cars they piggy ing
while yall kissing on they pinky rings
Im pinky and my brain is
making fat beats
and so the pain is

Twainin back of knees
with my story tellin

see thats the fog right thur
so I got my gogs on my nogs
lightyear buzzin

at the speed of light
M O D's pretty tight
specially when i bust up on the mic
yeah I keep right
i mean I come correct
fuckin with my pen game
now its time to flex

Run up on th knowledge when I come up
Run up on th maji(K) when I come up
Run up on they blood
Run up on they guns
Run up when I come up

I wanna be the one cum too
my words play like my tongue is
cut you
shark life
never stop movin
when I make my beats
Im doin awkward groovy
better than scoooby
snack attack blame the dooby
here he go again talkin bout that booby trap
hairy little monster
saw her eat a face into a nap
she lookin rather cute with her back pack
this man rhymes like no one
cept everyone ive listened to
you're a dinner food
I'm like you but be different
The why makes me a little more saucy
see I asked questions to mr. mrs. bossy
she who is him the dudes a little cosmic
she calls me
man dudes a little comic
peep it
ill tell yall the secret
stop bein afraid of the way of keeper of peace
knowledge has the keys to the feast
if you use a coupon its endless pancakes on Thursdays


every time I walk the line
its finer than this point of mine
when rhyming treat like Columbine
im too damn serious
and I'll kill you
dont mistake the kid
forgave him once
I thank you miss
lady sweeter than a kiss
but iono they're rather sweet
tender buttons make nice eat and
nothing angers him than lightly
taken rhymin rappers fresher than some hymen
NO not fresh like my hyphy breed
ghost ghost shot him dead
who needs a sheriff anyway
we stay sippin lemonade
for days in the blizzard rain
we walkin barefoot
lizzards main
they controllin everything

so we jumpin from the aeroplanes
humpin something narrow like an arrow
zona bought it at the cona store
ya girl make my world go
and I smile
got me feelin less Ollie
and lil more
for awhile

he walk the strut
and do the do
yes im good
how are you

yes mom
no im working with the team

yes im shmirking with the team
got em twerking its our thing
got em smirking thinking
winking different genius
meanest rapper
clean em clap her
clapping clap louder
clap louder
claps louuddd


laly kissin ollie lots
broke kid showin socks
Holy shoes Im rockin kid
fuck da money
i been rich

walk around the town
wit a sound si fresh
dappin pounds the best
CZ in the future
kid so swank
makin sex on computer
send it the ok kid
and he lubra
then he makes in front of ya face
sweet love thatll taste
like dips in lake
on a hot summer day
blowin away
disposin our face
explodin in space
like ahiimmm a nebula
sediment in kingdom
of real kings
my real ring
makes gold seem so temporal
my temple makes symph onies
homies make hits fo me
ripping and rippling
through time and space I B

fuckin wit a heavy weight
so notorious
enlightin rhymes
keeps me glorious
writin lines for teams warriors
to feel euphoria
an tell the story of
lion roar in us
zion soarin above lands
i see the peeps standin
and hear the claps demandin

smacking on stank from the back pack
board around the city while stack that
then we play them keys
beasts feasts on beats
we sleep in a deep dream
and wake in it to
take breaks with a break of a view
shake all of the fake wit a make of new light
flakes in shapes of the
true might
be like who
how about he
Ollie with broke kid flow
money aint shit
like son my soul is whole
call em theo kid
killin that id with rhymes that sound like this
you are hu man
treatcha with love
thats our thin
NoFace mind
no thanks im fine
im chillin with divine tonight

laly kissin ollie lots
broke kid showin socks
Holy shoes Im rockin kid
fuck da money > i been rich
i tell em like this
kid spittin cooler than mist
surround me
how he
come to the allston
rap like boss now
producers like shaws
round me
trippy kids just suckin on leaf
riddle me miss
little he diss
still got enemeys kids too sick
haters really love em tho tell by the sniffl
evverybody fuckin with the kid and the clique
come to the shows get loose get sliprrey
free ya mind with truths that sent me
proof in the verse dawg
go and reverse dawg
go and rehearse dawg
ya sound a lil fake
why you livvin that life
and spreadin hate
O K hes great
oh wait youre late
i been this way this 93
im finding freedom in my lack of green
place my worth in BLQR in things
magic in the music and I use it to
reveal the truth of everything

laly kissin ollie lots
broke kid showin socks
Holy shoes Im rockin kid
fuck da money
i been rich

Miley / Oliver Johnson Interlude

I'm restin in a body so blessed
and discoverin who I am
every day
through her love I found peace
and the trips brought me calm
now im here to play
hear what I'm sayin yo

he rockin femme a little lookin
wit em pretty eye lashes
eyes bashful of hope
throat coated with love
nose mulatto
black kid with the asians
soft spoken half breed
none em wanna fight em tho
how he do it
but always had em gifted like
im liftin light years while
im splifted my tears start
a dripinn den dey ripped me through the BLQ hole
i can feel again
holy shit
gotta tell my friends
holy spit tin
on the mic
i keep it tight
enligten writin bout the fightin
that i seen and that I had
and that I'm mean and that I'm sad
i just wanna go home
to the place that im from
its out of this world
but it stays in our
thump thump

I'm restin in a body so blessed
and discoverin who I am
every day
through her love I found peace
and the trips brought me calm
now im here to play
hear what I'm sayin

walked around the highschool
gone in my class
cause im chillin
teacher asked whats the answer
then i fill in
starin at the ceilin
what the fuck im hearin
talk about the good life
only 100,000 thousands dollars in debt
they keep em well kempted
and pennin em checks
talkin that hex shit that hate shit
that race shit
replacin our souls
with some faces they sold us
places they hold us up
and they rob us blind
of our time and our minds
gotta recognize signs
like hindsight
teaches what the buddha say
aesthetic aeshetic
feelin real good with this art
carvin sharp parts of mouths
while keepin it smoov loser friendly
I choose her defending
true love so bending
the lines of the real
to define whats real
what it means to divenly feel
another soul
the whole thing
we so blessed
fuck around wit kids O K
get caressed
treat ya real right
real nice
but forreal
just tryna make you feel
make you feel

I'm restin in a body so blessed
and discoverin who I am
every day
through her love I found peace
and the trips brought me calm
now im here to play

Jeune Sartre

Jeune Sartre
un maître
un être
comme toi
révèle-toi à moi
trois ou plus
sans visage
thats my crew
shouts out DaDa
we're the topple dolla
Marx the spot
X in the intellect

Malcom in the middle reppin
suburbs sillhoutes
dances on my mime
as he moon walks
bottled sealed morcels
of corporeal punishment
im runnin shit
like the government
free trade defines freedom
find me preaching in the structure
team semen stopper rubber ducky
rub her funky monkey
junky talk is clunky dawg
80s sensual science
no hiney in defiance
cause the rhyming timing
slips in ears
the tongue whiling
French kissing English Chuck
cousin of boldy shouts out
mastadon trunk boldly holding
third leg spewing scolding
crusty on the bust busted buster
white bunny followed
found neo

Jeune Sartre
un maître
un être
comme toi
révèle-toi à moi
trois ou plus
sans visage
thats my crew
shouts out DaDa
we're the topple dollar
Marx the spot
X in the intellect

third eye big as my former ego shattered
split it open bats broken reranged the word
matter splatter drips
on the tip of tongue words from my last life
Pass it twice in doubled circles
Stone henge
Binge night
College life
Where ollie polish nice
Hauligrahic light
Hardly trafficked site
Marley and the Sprite
Lemon lime sour dese
Brownie see the power he
Send from sky
In reply I'm sayin
Hi see ya
High seer
H idea
Hi C and hot chocolate
Stop it
Sodada Be my pop man
Ghost muncher
Holy throat launcher
Im like Pac man
Right before he stepped on that death row
Mix it up with Dali and the Dalai Lama
retro flow
Little east little west
Lil Dre lil Jov
Lil ol me lil bold
But I got it like that
Black white rap tight
I'm about it like that

Th Man Wth th Golden Eyeball

New steps and spits got em
Stair walking
glitzy missy kissing
Glossy lipps and
Hands pan handle
Blaand scandle
he's a half a stabz a bitch
Not a switch a swatch his ass tho
Figure he's asshole
But Classic is eye piece
Kick boxing iron y(knee)
Go and get the iron please
Somebody got to straighten out
Y'all hatin cause we dirty souther
Dem sleepin done get slept soon
How day got dem crepes tunes
Sucre est mon voix oú
ton voix est blah boo
Blah blah and wah wah
Booo boo need nap nap
Pulled it out the back pack
That smack a sticky blacker
She so purple and his rapper
Beating up the fucking track hurt
Back hands then something claps
Slappin beats obese they fat
Mac and cheese and callord greens
Grinnin only time I'm black
O K spits a matter a splat
split a temple fast
if you don't get the fuck back

Love Tonight

Swimmin in the mouth of my minds gulf
gulpin fresh air with my eyes closed
fresh hair raggy kid
baggy khaki denim tight
student then he rapper night
rap her tight
blanky and a hanky if she cryin I'm
dryin eyes and lickin em
sticky lips some snot nose kids
blq hole scapin
makin life
takin flight
late night
oh my god I'm feelin like I'm made of light
peelin back the cap of fright
decapitate our heads please
on my knees beggin for a truer see
two or three
moments where
I'm completely loss
drownin in the sea
of sounds and sights and you and me
found my sight when you wif me
you could be
something like an angel
or a fairy
very scary when the glaring truth
exposes itself
that's wealth in the greatest form
selfless love
love yourself
keep your soul warm
and pass it on
just pass it on

Outro Space

Wrote it on a book a light
Loaded it on a book a light
Hold on I'm taking off
Watch me as I'm taking off

Garden of his Victory
Perceiving how he speaks to me
Believing that it's meant to be
I meant to see these things man
pocket full of dollars from my grandma
Rocket Power Swag
kid be grinding
Till the waste gone Ridding finding
that my face gone
Busy lying with the plate strong
Breasts lay head softly
On the sunny afternoons
Making tunes with the dudes dude
It's really great
Happy like a kid again
Rhyming like I'm eight
Simile synonymous with I miles
Low key
My whole Team
Be Broking
Dem eyes
dat are floating
And seeing
the breathing
brings beings
to being
He just that kid
Black with the Burban fit
City night lights wit a fif
chillin with the ms.
No Not fuckin no bitxh
Fuck you lookin at
need a pinch

I've gone
and came back
I left this world
And returned from the black